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Job search tips

Getting back to work

According to a Richmond Times-Dispatch article, you shouldn’t use your severance time as a time to take a break. “Some people make the mistake of saying, ‘Everybody’s going to be looking right away so I’ll wait until the end. I’ll take advantage of this time off,‘“ said Jane Snead, branch manager for Ajilon Professional Staffing. “You need to be getting your resumé out and networking.“

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Surviving a layoff

 Survival guide for laid off workers

This resource won’t get you a new job, but it can make the transition to a new job easier. After a layoff, people find new jobs, get additional training or change careers.  The time involved in finding your next job may be a few days, weeks, or many months, and going through the process can be difficult. Knowing what can happen when you are laid off can help you avoid some of the problems that other people have faced when they lost their jobs.

Surviving a layoff: tips to stay afloat

Stephanie AuWerter, Contributing Editor of, has some tips for getting through a layoff.

Applying for unemployment

If needed, you can apply for unemployment benefits online or find jobs and job fairs in your area at the Virginia Employment Commission web site.

Improving your resumé

 If you haven’t polished your resumé in a while, it’s time to update it with information to help you get job interviews. These articles offer common sense advice for improving your resumé (and getting you more job interviews).

How to Write a Resume (that gets job interviews)

Declutter Your Resume in 5 Steps

Resume Writing Tips

Resume Writting Steps from the Rockport Institute

Writing a better cover letter

 The cover letter (or e-mail) is your chance to share the most impressive highlights from your resumé and grab the employer’s attention.

How to write a stellar cover letter

A list of cover letter tips from

Acing your interview

 Interviews can be stressful if you’re not properly prepared. These tips will help you take control of the interview and make you more confident.

Acing the interview, tips and strategies for successful interviewing

Job interview questions and best answers

Job interview questions & answers: Know what to expect and what to say

Writing appropriate thank-you letters

 Free sample job interview and career thank-you letters

Proper interview follow-up, sample letters and other resources

Evaluating employee benefits

 A collection of articles about employee benefits at

Negotiating the offer

 Evaluating and negotiating offers from the University of Richmond

Tips for negotiation from

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